Hello World!

“I’m a blogger, baby I’m a blogger.”*

Hi. Deadwrite here (aka E.J. Stephens), and I, like many of you, now have a blog. … But you already knew that. (That’s what turns me on about ya’ – your attention to detail!)**

I know our time together is limited, so I will briefly tell you about this site. I’m an unapologetic history geek(There, I said it.), so I tend to write about it a lot. I’m into all kinds of history, whether it be World, U.S., Hollywood, Civil War, Space, Rock ‘n’ Roll … you name it. Quite often my tales take me to cemeteries, where the biographies end. I consider myself a taphophile, which is a lover of cemeteries. (As opposed to a necrophile, who loves that which is housed in cemeteries. Taphophiles are intelligent, interesting, curious people, whereas necrophiliacs just need killin’.)

As for me, I am an unapologetic fan of my family as well as of the Beatles, basketball, and Boingo … plus lots more things that don’t begin with B. I have done tons of traveling, and have accomplished some cool things, like climbing Kilimanjaro, riding a recumbent bicycle across the United States, and backpacking through 40 countries – but we have plenty of time to talk about that later.

I’ve spent the past 15 years working in Hollywood studios and recently co-wrote a book about Warner Bros. I consider myself a film buff (with a pile of unsold screenplays to prove it). I host a film series in Newhall, California, and teach classes on film history (when I’m not busy fighting crime).

Criticize liberally, but kindly, since I have very thin skin (and hair).

Amble well, my fellow travelers, remembering always what that great hitchhiker Zaphod Beeblebrox used to say, …  “Anything for a weird life!”


*to borrow from the Boss.

**to borrow from Ace Ventura.

Collage created by E.J. Stephens

7 responses to “Hello World!

  • Jason Horton

    Dear E.J.,
    Great site mate. I had a wonderful time chatting with you folks at John’s party. We simply must hang out sometime!

    Le deagh dhurachd (Scot. Gaelic: With best wishes),

    • deadwrite

      Hi Jason –

      It was great meeting you and your mom last night. Let’s definitely keep in touch. I will send you all of my information via email. Take care – ejs

  • paula

    Hi E.J. I was recently on a tour of Warner Bros. and you were my leader. I was the lady who loved The Mentalist and sat up front with you. I have started reading your blog and think it’s great. Thanks so much for the fun tour. Paula

  • ohheynina

    Hi E.J! Finally got a chance to take a peak. Great stuff.

    See ya!

    • deadwrite

      Nina – How are you? How’s the new gig? Are you still doing the filming/interviewing thing that you and Mike were working on way back when? If so, hit me up on e-mail. We have something that you may be interested in. Thanks – E.J. deadwrite@yahoo.com

      • ohheynina

        Hi E.J! I keep bugging Kim to invite me over for dinner to catch up 😀 I’m sure Mike and I are still interested, it’s a matter of scheduling. I will have him email you!!

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