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4 responses to “Contact Deadwrite

  • teresa

    Hello, did you hear any more about Steve McQueen’s 30th anniversary. As I will be in LA from the 5th to 8th November – if there is any thing happening around that time I would love to be there!

    • deadwrite

      Hi Teresa – I’m sorry, but Santa Paula told me they had nothing planned to celebrate the 30th. When are you coming here again – it cut off in the message. Send your reply to Maybe I can get you more info. Thanks, E.J.

  • sir daniel corral jr

    i was just wondering a few thing. is curly howard 4 wife still alive today? julia rosenthal, elaine ackerman, marion buxbaum, and valerie newman. and his bestfriend lester friedman. thanks

  • David Cardenas

    Hi E.J.,

    You were my WB Deluxe tour leader. Love your blog and had a great time during the tour. You were an awesome tour leader.


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