My Documentary

James Dean’s last day – September 30, 1955. 

Host E.J. Stephens interviews all three CHP officers involved that day  — Officer Otie Hunter, who ticketed Dean for speeding; and Officers Ernie Tripke and Ronald Nelson, who investigated the fatal crash.

One response to “My Documentary

  • Jeremiah Bergman

    Dear Deadwrite Daily’s Author,

    I am contacting you to ask if i may be given permission of use of one of your photos. The Santa Clarita Freeway that collapsed in the 1994 earthquake. I work with Santa Clarita’s radio station, KHTS AM 1220, and we are making small info graphics on the website to inform others on News, traffic, safety awareness, etc. I would greatly appreciate it if I could hear back from you soon, you would really be helping me out with my internship here. Thank you!


    Jeremiah Bergman

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