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The Day Movies Learned to Speak

A quick glance at the calendar will reveal that I’m a bit late in pulling the “Welcome to August” trigger, but better late than September. So let me be the last to welcome you to the eighth month of the year. (And as the eighth month, shouldn’t it be called Octo-ber? The answer is yes. […]

The Greatest Day in Sports History?

If you had to choose just one day from the entire history of American sports to crown as the most memorable ever, a few come immediately to mind. There’s October 8, 1956, of course, when Don Larsen pitched the only perfect game ever to happen in the World Series. February 22, 1980 also enters into […]

Wanted Dead or Alive: Tiburcio Vasquez, Part One

One of the things that I love most about the Santa Clarita Valley is its double-layered Old West heritage – double-layered because it was not only the place where the events most associated with the Old West took place, but where those same happenings were later portrayed to the rest of the world in thousands […]