One Less Picture on the Wall

I was napping last night after a fun but exhausting weekend at Santa Clarita’s Cowboy Festival, when my stepson awakened me with the news of Osama bin Laden’s death.

While I don’t feel it’s generally a good karmic decision to rejoice in another’s death, as I watched the CNN coverage, I felt a growing sense of relief, knowing there was one less monster in the world.

Earlier this week I was on the set of NCIS at Valencia Studios in Santa Clarita. On a wall there, they have pictures of those criminals most wanted by the Naval Criminal Investigative Services.

At the upper-left was a picture of Osama bin Laden, America’s most-wanted man. Since bin Laden’s image has been so pervasive for the past decade, I paid it little notice at the time, focusing instead on some of the less well-known images on the wall (which includes an executive producer of the show, and one staff member’s late husband).

I, like most Americans, had come to believe that Osama bin Laden would never be captured or killed.

With bin Laden’s death now confirmed by DNA testing, I am hopeful that we will soon see a conclusion to World War IV (the “War on Terror”; World War III being the “Cold War”).

For now, we can take comfort in seeing a picture come off the “Most Wanted” wall.

Let’s pray the person who replaces him there won’t turn out to be worse.


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